Thursday, March 24, 2011

Post #2 - Athens vs. Sparta

The Similarities and Differences of Athens and Sparta:

On a similar note, Athens and Sparta had few, but very distinct similarities. The main similarity they had was that they had the same form of government. Both Sparta and Athens had an assembly running their governemtn, which means that the people in control were elected to rule the city-states. Other then this main similarity, Athens and Sparta had several differences. For one, Athens was a much more creative city-state while Sparta was very simple and straightforward. The people of Sparta focused their whole life on war and joining the military. The men were trained from a young age to fight properly, and the young women were trained to be the mothers of warriors. On the Athens side, the Athenians were more open-minded to what they wanted to pursue as their career. This opened up many fields in education, arts, and sciences, and granted a lot of opportunity for the Athenians. And unlike the Spartans, the Athenians had a choice of whether to join the army or navy.


Which city-state I would like to live in:
If given the opportunity to live in either Athens or Sparta, I would live in Athens. I would live here because of the ample amount of opportunity I would have to expand my horizons and pursue what I truely have a passion for. Also, I wouldn't want to be forced into the military, but would like to have that as a choice in case things fall through so I would always have somewhere to turn. For these reasons, I believe that Athens would be an overall better place to live in then Sparta.

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