Friday, February 18, 2011

Post #10 - Most Influential Persian Leader

I believe the most influential person leader was Cyrus the Great. Cyrus accomplished the astonishing task of defeating the Median army and uniting the Persians and Medians as one. He also captured several Greek cities in Ionia, and spread his army into Mesopotamia where he then defeated the Chaldeans and took over Babylon. All of these militarian extravanganzas showed how truely powerful Cyrus was as a leader, and also how much respect that his people had for him to be able to put their lives on the line in this way. Cyrus also allowed people to keep their own customs when he took them over. This allowed for a vast variety of cultural beliefs, and also made Cyrus have much respect over the people he conquered. The last task Cyrus accomplished was freeing the Jews from slavery and allowing them to return to Jerusalem and rebuild their temple. When Cyrus died, he rule the largest empire in the world, and that is why he is the most famous Persian leader.

Post #9 - Abraham Powerpoint

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post #7 - Own Hammurabi Laws

Laws of Hammurabi for Northern Burlington:
Law #1 - You must pay your lunch in pennies, if you don't you will be pelted with rocks, and you can't keep them.
Law #2 - If you steal an item from someone, you will have a hand chopped off.
Law #3 - If you start a fight with someone, all the teachers will beat you up.
Law #4 - If you perform sexual acts in the school, your genitalia will be mutilated.
Law #5 - If you do any type of drugs in the school, you will be forced to take 15 vicadin pills and have your stomach pumped.
Law #6 - If you betray the rules of 'fives', you will get 5 lashes with a whip.
Law #7 - If you break any school property, you must replace the item you broke with 10 identical objects.
Law #8 - If you have an odd number of letters in your last name, you shall be forced into Mrs. Marr's class for the rest of the year!!!
Law #9 - If you eavesdrop on a conversation you were not invited to hear, you shall lose both ears!
Law #10 - If you eat somebody elses food without permission, you will be forced to eat a 10 pound hamburger covered in the world's hottest hot sauce and peppers in less then an hour!
Law #11 - If you skip class, you shall be forced to skip(the action) for a whole month!
Law #12 - If your name is lance you shall be killed(just kidding)
Law #12a - If you talk back to a teacher, your lips will be cut off!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Post #6 - Hammurabi's Code

Link to full text of Hammurabi's Code:

Laws to enact in the world today:
Law 8 - I believe that this law should be enacted today for several reasons. For one, I think that this law is fair due to the fact that if anyone steals from another person, they should be forced to pay back much more then they stole. Also if they have nothing to pay, death works too.
Law 11 - I believe this law should be enacted due to the fact that it insults the person who claimed something was stolen and lied about it, before they are put to death. That seems suitable to a liar!
Law 14 - If you steal someones kid, that is a pretty trying crime. Therefore, death seems like a suitable punishment for stealing someones son.
Law 22 - If someone is caught stealing, then they should definitely be punished by this law. Death seems a little extreme, but it will do the job.
Law 45 - I like this law because it reinstates the money that was lost for the field. If someone rents out a field and can't do anything with it, then it is suitable that the money should be repaid back to the person who rented the field.

Post #5 - Sumerian Response

Dear The Travel Agent 9000,

                 I would like to thank you for the offer of settling our civlization in your river valley, but I am afraid that we will have to decline. The region known as the Fertile Crescent is far nicer then the Pech River Valley offer you are proposing. Even though there is more land in your river valley, the fertile soil in the Fertile Crescent is far superior to any land we have looked at to this day. Also, the Euphrates and Tigris rivers allow us much river front for farming, and will prosper our nation for years to come. If we get taken over by barbarians or over run by another civilization, I will be sure to send you a telegram.

Sumerian Overlord King Guatalupe

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post #4 -

Dear Sumerian Settlers,

The Pech River valley could have been a perfect place for you to settle down your civilization. This region is very isolate, away from those pesky neighbors, so that your civilization could have been booming here. Also, the several river fronts offered in this package bring along ample amounts of crop space to spread out your economy. And just in case barbarians or another civilizations happen to take over your civilization, *cough*, then you can always look forward to accepting this package!


The Travel Agent 9000

Post #3 - Timeline

This is a timeline of the Fertile Crescent going from 9000 BC to the end of the BC era.

This is another timeline of the Fertile crescent from 9000 BC to 700 AD.

Out of both of these time lines, I would choose to add the second one to our textbook. Out of both of these timelines, I believe that the second one is better. Even though both timelines have approximately the same number of events, the second timeline provides images. These images help correlate what actually happened in the Fertile Crescent to today much better then the first one. Overall, I believe this timeline would be a great addition to the textbook, and would greatly help out with learning about the fertile crescent.

Post #2 - 15 Facts

1. The first civilization in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley was the Sumerians.
2. Sumerians were the first civilization to develop writing.
3. The Sumerian style of writing today is known as cuneiform.
4. The Sumerians invented the ark, a curved wooden structure. Watch out Noah.
5. Ziggurats were the temples in which Sumerians practiced their religion.
6. Intelligent boys who showed a greater understanding were trained to be scribes.
7. Phoenicia was formed of several City-States, each with its' own government.
8. The Phoenicians were the founders of the glass-blowing, a designing art.
9. Phoenician sculptors normally used ivory, a prized pocession that was shipped in from North and South Africa.
10. The alphabet was first founded by the Phoenicians.
11. The Lydians were the first people to develop coined money.
12. Before the issuing of coins, people had to barter in order to get other goods.
13. The Lydians passed on the concept of a money economy to the Greeks and Persians.
14. People throughout the ancient world prized cloth dyed with purple because it was the favorite of the rich
15. Assyrians were the first people to use a cavalry army, or people on horseback.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Post #1 - Introduction

I am very interested in many of the performing arts. Even though I am interested in this activites, my main focus and interest is on becoming a lawyer due to my love for debating and helping out others. In my spare time after school, as if I have any, I am in all of the band and theatre programs. This includes being the drum major of the marching band as well as the lead in the musical this year. What makes me unique is the positive and upbringing attitude that I can inflect on to my peers. I always come in everyday with a positive attitude, and try to make everything as fun as possible. I took this class to be able to open my eyes to the ancient civilizations that we spend hardly any time on in other history classes. The main thing that intrigues me about ancient civilizations is how they have impacted our lives in such a major way, but never even get thought of when reflected on the past. Out of this class, I hope to get a better understanding of ancient cililizations, a good background of history for my future in college, and overall a fun time while learning.