Friday, February 4, 2011

Post #1 - Introduction

I am very interested in many of the performing arts. Even though I am interested in this activites, my main focus and interest is on becoming a lawyer due to my love for debating and helping out others. In my spare time after school, as if I have any, I am in all of the band and theatre programs. This includes being the drum major of the marching band as well as the lead in the musical this year. What makes me unique is the positive and upbringing attitude that I can inflect on to my peers. I always come in everyday with a positive attitude, and try to make everything as fun as possible. I took this class to be able to open my eyes to the ancient civilizations that we spend hardly any time on in other history classes. The main thing that intrigues me about ancient civilizations is how they have impacted our lives in such a major way, but never even get thought of when reflected on the past. Out of this class, I hope to get a better understanding of ancient cililizations, a good background of history for my future in college, and overall a fun time while learning.

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