Friday, February 11, 2011

Post #6 - Hammurabi's Code

Link to full text of Hammurabi's Code:

Laws to enact in the world today:
Law 8 - I believe that this law should be enacted today for several reasons. For one, I think that this law is fair due to the fact that if anyone steals from another person, they should be forced to pay back much more then they stole. Also if they have nothing to pay, death works too.
Law 11 - I believe this law should be enacted due to the fact that it insults the person who claimed something was stolen and lied about it, before they are put to death. That seems suitable to a liar!
Law 14 - If you steal someones kid, that is a pretty trying crime. Therefore, death seems like a suitable punishment for stealing someones son.
Law 22 - If someone is caught stealing, then they should definitely be punished by this law. Death seems a little extreme, but it will do the job.
Law 45 - I like this law because it reinstates the money that was lost for the field. If someone rents out a field and can't do anything with it, then it is suitable that the money should be repaid back to the person who rented the field.

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