Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post #7 - Own Hammurabi Laws

Laws of Hammurabi for Northern Burlington:
Law #1 - You must pay your lunch in pennies, if you don't you will be pelted with rocks, and you can't keep them.
Law #2 - If you steal an item from someone, you will have a hand chopped off.
Law #3 - If you start a fight with someone, all the teachers will beat you up.
Law #4 - If you perform sexual acts in the school, your genitalia will be mutilated.
Law #5 - If you do any type of drugs in the school, you will be forced to take 15 vicadin pills and have your stomach pumped.
Law #6 - If you betray the rules of 'fives', you will get 5 lashes with a whip.
Law #7 - If you break any school property, you must replace the item you broke with 10 identical objects.
Law #8 - If you have an odd number of letters in your last name, you shall be forced into Mrs. Marr's class for the rest of the year!!!
Law #9 - If you eavesdrop on a conversation you were not invited to hear, you shall lose both ears!
Law #10 - If you eat somebody elses food without permission, you will be forced to eat a 10 pound hamburger covered in the world's hottest hot sauce and peppers in less then an hour!
Law #11 - If you skip class, you shall be forced to skip(the action) for a whole month!
Law #12 - If your name is lance you shall be killed(just kidding)
Law #12a - If you talk back to a teacher, your lips will be cut off!

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